Daniele Russo, was born in Sicilia. He graduated at DAMS (cinema course) in November 2009 while working in "Cinematografica light service" to gain set experience.

He then started writing and directing independent short films and documentaries.

In 2010 he won the Green Screen Fest of Belgrado with the documentary named "Spazzatura".

In those years Daniele led some school laboratories making short films on social issues with students, among which stand out "Invisibile" and "Bimbo per gioco", which is about child soldiers.

In 2011 this young director writes the script of "Pagate Fratelli", a long film with actors of the caliber of Tony Sperandeo, Luigi Maria Burruano and Salvatore Lazzaro.

The following year Daniele addressed a subject so dear to him, which was mental disease (before DAMS he got a Psychology degree). The short film "6 personaggi in cerca d'amore", acclaimed by critics, won many awards (like the festival of "Corto e cultura") and it was chosen to be projected in cinemas before the movie "Intouchables".

In 2013 Daniele moved in Milan where he got a master degree in Music and Performing Arts, and where he currently works as DOP, for independent short films and documentaries, and Filmmaker for emerging artist's videoclips.

The latest short film directed by Daniele, "Per non disturbare" (2017), is a finalist in Italian and international film festivals, with a special mention from TN Film Festival "For making modern and alive the Kafkaesque message of metamorphosis of a man that endure the surround ambient decisions rather than seize the moment and make your dream come true".


Music Video

Di Vicino - Quadri Conservati, 2020

Fre - Influencer, 2020

Ramrod - Ares Call, 2019

Di Vicino - Lontano da qui, 2019

Atena Neezy - Ti Sbagli, 2019

Unico - La verità Fa Boom, 2019

StiLL G & Slapy, Endless, 2019

Puddle Rings, Andrea Sertori, 2019

Respiro nel vento, Anima, 2018

Affari con dio, FRE, 2018

Quando meno te l'aspetti, SETH, 2018

Anthya, Infatuation, 2018

Jambo Funkey, FRANCESCA MARIA, 2018

Gomorrista, FRE, 2018

Sleepness night, BACK ON TRACK, 2017

Liberi, SETH, 2017

Il cielo con un dito, FRE, 2017

Solo, FRE, 2017

Crazy Life, SPATARINI & KELLY REY, 2017

Fatti di stelle, FRE, 2017

E' naturale, ANDREA MELALIO, 2016

Runaway (cover), VALENTINA RIZZI, 2016


Post-it (Dop, Video Editor), 2020

Daddy's Gift (Director - Video Editor), 2019

La strega del lago (DOP - Video editor), 2018

Perduti di OMAR SALHI (DOP), 2018

Per non disturbare (Sceneggiatura, Regia e Montaggio), 2017

Farida, finalista al festival del cinema di Venezia, (Produzione), 2017

Falling in love in to the subway, (Soggetto, Regia, Operatore video, Montaggio), 2015

6 personaggi in cerca d'amore (Soggetto, Sceneggiatura, Regia), 2012

Invisibile (Soggetto, Sceneggiatura, Regia), 2011

Liberi tutti di BENEDETTO PACE (Assistente alla regia), 2010

Feature films

Pagate Fratelli, con Tony Sperandeo, Luigi Maria Burruano, Salvatore Lazzaro, Alfredo Libassi, Orio Scaduto, Viviana Natale; (Sceneggiatura, Produzione) 2013


10 anni di rock'n'roll, video operator, 2017

As a person, Manchester (Filmmaker), 2014

Spazzatura (Progetto Immersione), First Prime Green Screen Fest, Belgrade, (Filmmaker and Soundtrack), 2009